Holly Balogh

Real Estate Agent

Holly Balogh is the President and Chief Operating Officer of RISC, Recovery Industry Services Company, which specializes in compliance and repossession education. She is also a Real Estate Agent who has been licensed for over 10 years.

She has years of leadership and management experience, which has led her to hold multiple leadership roles. Holly is has a variety of responsibilities at large Fortune 100 companies as well as small start-ups. She has developed a wide range of skills and has a proven track record of improving performance and operating efficiencies.

Holly began her career journey at Bradley University in Illinois with the completion of her Bachelor of Science degree in Music Business. She then went on to complete her MBA, with a concentration in International Business, in 1994 at the same university. After graduating with her MBA, Holly Balogh began working at Accenture Ltd., which was formerly known as Andersen Consulting. Her first role at this company was as a Deployment Manager of eRecruiting. In her day to day, Holly was responsible for the defining and managing the deployment processes of eRecruiting, the web solution created for Accenture’s global human resources personnel.

In her eight years at Accenture, Holly was able to progress and move upward in the company. Her last role at the company was as a  Senior Project and Program Manager for Global Incident and Request Management. She was also a manger for the Chief Information Office where she with international offices and employees in cities such as Sydney, Dublin, and Ottawa. One role, the CIO Strategic Product Manager for Project Horizon, allowed Holly to be part of the development of the technology that supported Accenture’s Initial Public Offering (IPO).

From there, Holly spent a few years at a time at multiple companies such as OneWest.net. The Cavalry West, and EnerCrest Inc. At OneWest.net, Holly Balogh held the role of Vice President of Customer Service where she developed and refined her negotiation skills. After her time at these three companies, Holly began working as the Chief Operating Officer at Recovery Database Network (RDN), which is a subsidiary of KAR Auction Services. RSN provides a recovery software to major financial institutions and businesses in the US. Here, Holly managed the internal remote staff and was responsible for the financial reporting to the parent organization of this company as well.

At RISC, Holly Balogh works with clients and agents to ensure they have the correct education by working with the Certified Asset Recovery Specialist program or Continuing Education, a valid current lot inspection on file, and a one hundred percent vetted vendor profile. With these compliance areas in place, Holly Balogh works with her team at RISC to ensure clients are positioned to be successful in the event of an audit.

Since Holly is also a real estate agent, she has strong skills in negotiation and contract management. She has experience with properties below and above the 1MM price point. She enjoys working with clients to help them find their dream property, showcase their home for sale, or identify and purchase an investment property. Holly Balogh’s skills in compliance at RISC goes hand-in-hand with her negotiating, contracting and supporting skills for her local and national real estate clients.

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