Selling a home can be difficult if a person hasn’t gone through the process before, and the situation hasn’t helped by all of the myths that are floating around the web. It’s time to set the record straight. Here are four myths that should be ignored when a person is in the process of selling their home.

Online Home Valuations Are Always Correct

Many different websites that offer information about homes that are being sold will include valuations. These should be used with a grain of salt as pricing a home involves a number of factors that can’t be programmed into an algorithm. Without an actual home appraisal, which includes renovations, the actual condition of a home and valuations of comparable homes in the same area, the exact valuation won’t be known.

Overpricing Leads To Better Offers

Buyers have become savvy when they are looking for a new home to purchase. Attempting to overprice a home will not lead to better offers. In fact, a home will probably just sit on the market if the selling price is over-inflated. It’s best to try and accurately price a home so that it sells. Of course, a number of factors should be analyzed when a price is set. When it’s offered at a fair price, buyers should make offers.

Use The Realtor With The Lowest Commission Rate

No one likes paying the fees that realtors take, especially when a home is worth mid or high six figures. While it may be tempting to use a real estate agent that has a low commission, they may be getting that commission for a reason. Typically, flat fee agencies will offer less to counteract any discounts. The services offered by a traditional realtor may not be available with this type of agency. This can include creating professional images and giving a property adequate market exposure. If a person chooses this route, they should definitely do their research.

Kitchen And Bathroom Renovations Should Be Completed

A number of television shows will highlight people who are selling their home. Often, advice will be given that states it’s best to totally renovate a bathroom and kitchen before selling. While it’s true that bathrooms and beautiful kitchens help sell homes, making these type of improvements can be tricky. There’s always a risk of spending too much money or choosing designs that people don’t like.