Even when a person is buying a home in a seller’s market, they’re probably going to have it professionally inspected before signing on the dotted line. It’s important for a person who is selling a home to understand buyer expectations. A home seller will need to know where improvements should be made to meet the expectations of savvy homebuyers.

Eliminate Old Water Stains

There’s nothing uglier than an old water stain that’s been left from a roof leak or leaking pipe. If a home inspector sees this, it will create a red flag. When a person is selling a house. It’s best if they take the time to cover up these type of stains with paint so that an old problem doesn’t become a new problem.

Search For Mold

Mold is an issue that scares away plenty of potential buyers. This will usually be found in basements, bathrooms, garages, and attics. Typically, it can be taken care of by using a fungicide that can be found at most home improvement stores.

Examine Doors And Windows

All of the doors in a home should be checked to make sure they open and close easily. A sticky door can usually be fixed by spraying some lubricant on its hinges. For sliding doors that get stuck, clearing out the tracks will usually make them slide better. Windows in older houses can become sticky and hard to open. By spraying them with some silicon spray, it should help alleviate the problem.

Make Sure Lights Are Working

When a home inspector visits, they will make sure that the electrical system is working properly. One of the easiest ways to do this is by turning on all the lights. If they try a light and it doesn’t turn on, they may decide to call an electrician. By making sure that all of the lights are working, it will help lower any concerns. In addition, electrical switches and outlets should have covers that are intact. It should be easy to purchase a new one at a hardware store and replace missing or cracked covers.

Ensure That Fireplaces And Appliances Can Be Tested

A home inspector will need to test a gas fireplace and all appliances during their inspection. A seller should make sure that the pilot light is lit for the fireplace and that there is clear access to all of the appliances. An inspector may also check the current condition of any appliances that are built into a home.