Property Listing

When a person is looking for a new home, they will usually have specific characteristics in mind that the home must have such as hardwood floors, close proximity to public schools or an age that’s less than 10 years. If the homes that they are looking at don’t meet these criteria, they may not consider them. It’s important for a realtor to understand the characteristics that home buyers search for in order to match a home with a potential buyer. Here is a list of some unconventional details that would help a potential buyer make a decision if they were included in home real estate listings:

Orientation Of A Home

A key component of a home that many real estate agents overlook is its orientation. A number of homebuyers will prefer having windows on one side of a home so that they get natural sunlight exposure during certain times of the day. It may be beneficial for a realtor to highlight this fact as a homeowner can reduce their heating bill by optimizing the sun’s heat.

Smart Home Technology

Technology has dramatically changed the inside of many homes. Smart home features should not be overlooked by a realtor when they are trying to sell a property. Technology that interacts with temperature controls, lighting, security, and appliances may be the factor that makes or breaks a deal.

Proximity To Retail

Most corporations do their due diligence and invest in areas where they know the neighborhoods are thriving. When a home is close to local businesses or retail stores, it should be a great location. If large businesses are willing to purchase property in the area, it must be good.

Energy Efficiency

When a home is energy efficient, it helps an owner save money. In many listings across the nation, the addition of energy efficiency ratings is starting to be seen. Listing data is including home energy features such as solar heating and radiant floors. It would also be helpful if the average cost of utilities was listed. This would help potential buyers compare one property’s average utility costs with another, which can be a huge factor over time.

Ceiling Heights

The ceiling height of a room makes a big difference in how it feels. While knowing the width and length of a living room is helpful, if ceiling height is included in a listing, it does a much better job of helping potential buyers know how a room is going to feel.